a. Terms: Travelers’ specific payment terms will be outlined in the agreement they sign with a Vendor to rent a specific rental.

b. Cancellation and Refunds. If a Traveler cancels a confirmed reservation, Vendor will return funds in accordance with the cancellation policy outlined in the rental-specific agreement between Traveler and Vendor.

c. Privacy. TRIPLARGO.COM’s privacy policy governs the handling, storage, and use of any information you submit to us, including credit card information. 

d. Taxes. TRIPLARGO.COM’s role is to make available a marketplace for Vendors and Travelers to arrange for accommodations. TRIPLARGO.COM is not a contracting agent or representative of the Vendor or Traveler. TRIPLARGO.COM’s role is solely to facilitate the availability of this marketplace for the Vendor and Traveler and to provide services related thereto, and any agreement for the use of any accommodations is solely between Vendor and Traveler, and not TRIPLARGO.COM.  Travelers understand that TRIPLARGO.COM is acting solely as an intermediary between Traveler and any Vendors with whom they choose to enter into a transaction.  State and local tax laws vary significantly by locality, therefore users hereby acknowledge that they understand and agree that they are solely responsible for determining their own tax reporting requirements in consultation with tax advisors. We cannot and do not offer tax advice to either Vendors or Travelers.  TRIPLARGO.COM does not do business as an owner, property manager or operator of any rental, nor is it a provider of rooms, lodging or accommodations. Neither does TRIPLARGO own, sell, resell, furnish, provide, rent, re-rent, manage and/or control hotel rooms, motel rooms or any other lodgings or accommodations. TRIPLARGO does not act as an agent for any providers or users of hotel rooms, motel rooms, or other lodging or accommodations.