Experience local culture like never before

Triplargo.com matches travelers looking for affordable personal accommodation with people who want to rent out their unused spaces. From plush urban lofts to sprawling

seaside villas, chic condos to quaint country cottages, our selection of vacation rental properties from verified hosts gives travelers an utterly ‘local’ traveling experience that

simply cannot be matched by traditional hotels.

If you’re a property owner or leaseholder, Triplargo.com lets you list your property and advertise it to a steady stream of travelers from around the world. You turn your extra

space into a moneymaking asset and get to meet new and interesting people at the same time! 

Here’s how it works:

Hosts sign up to use the service

Hosts verify their identity with Triplargo.com

Hosts list one or more properties for rent, with photographs and descriptions

Listings are sorted according to location, number of travelers, and policies such as smoking and pet restrictions

Guests look for offers by entering destination, travel dates and pet/smoking restrictions

Guests browse through a comprehensive listing of offers from many different hosts

Guests choose a property they want to book

Triplargo.com notifies the owner of the property

The host confirms or denies the guest

If the host confirms, the guest pays for the booking

The host receives the payment after the guest arrives at the property

Why it’s different

Triplargo.com offers a thoroughly enriching and rewarding experience for guests and hosts alike. It fosters personal connections and opens up a whole new door to unique

travel experiences – things that commercial accommodation options such as hotels simply can’t.


More Explicit Property Detailing

 Property owners can upload unlimited images in the image slider

Users can checkout listings of similar properties

Property related videos from websites like YouTube and Vimeo can be embedded into property listing page

Property hosts will have multiple provisions to display their information

Season-wise special prices can be provided for each property

Booking Options

Users can rent services for any particular time period as per their requirements

Bookings can be done as subscriptions on daily, weekly or monthly basis

Notification mails will be sent to customers and hosts when a booking is done

Bookable periods can either be days or hours, which means that users can book either for a few hours or days based on their convenience

Dates in the calendar can be set to display the specific time period for which a service has been booked

Hosts can block any specific hours or days

Special prices can be added by the hosts for special occasions, extended working hours, off-timing etc

Time-based Booking Rules

Host can set the minimum and maximum time limits for booking a rental service in 'Hours' and 'Day' time scales

Time limit for service hours can be set by the host

A specific amount or percentage can be set as 'Overnight Fee' if a service is booked by a customer outside the service hours